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Smarter products

We offer customers a range of products that help them to use less energy and lower CO2 emissions. Shell FuelSave Regular Unleaded, for example, is an efficient Shell fuel designed to help customers save with every tank – at no extra cost.

Already the largest distributor of biofuels, we are now moving into the production of the lowest-carbon biofuel commercially available, Brazilian sugar-cane ethanol.

Smarter use

Our online tips help drivers to improve their driving behaviour and save fuel. For trucking companies the Shell FuelSave Partner programme combines monitoring fuel purchases and driver performance. By altering their driving habits, some drivers can save up to 10% on fuel.

Smarter infrastructure

We have found ways to lay roads using less energy, using the Shell WAM Foam Process. It uses between 25% -35% less energy compared to conventional asphalt.

For developing countries we offer a simple, economic way to lay out roads that uses less CO2 and can be ready rapidly.

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